My road – non-obvious, winding, bumpy & full of ups and downs – Just like on a mountain trail!
My name is Sara. Let’s see story of my life in a nutshell.


I was born in Zakopane. I spent most of my life here in the mountains, this environment and surroundings shaped my personality in the best way.
But let’s start from the beginning.

*  *  *

Since childhood, I was surrounded by the majestic Tatra Mountains. In their shadow and under their watchful eye I discovered my first interests and passions.
Early years of my childhood I follow by my curiosity. The smell of flowers on meadows, the sight of deer, trekking  in the woods with my grandfather and telling the stories about birds, awakened in me curiosity, sensitivity to the surrounding beauty – it is impossible to be indifferent to it.

Spending time with Alaskan Malamute sled dogs, which my family breeds to this day – fuels my sensitivity to nature.

I began to put my inspirations and visions on paper – that’s how it started, which did not miss the attention of my parents and grandparents. It was time to go to my first school.

*   *   *

It was a special place for kids with artistic sensibilities.
I tried every possible field of art. Violins appear in my life, a unique instrument that accompanies me to this day along with the banjo.
But art was the closest to me.

The time came for further decisions. The A. Kenar High School in Zakopane showed me the direction of my passion growing. I took up wood carving! The first blisters appeared.
Carving in huge tree trunks strengthened my conviction that craftsmanship and extracting beauty from matter is hard but rewarding work.

At that time I discovered Elżbieta Cherezińska novels , which I still read. Scandinavian mythology, Viking era and atmospheric illustrations by artists from the mysterious North left a permanent trace in me – they outlined the biggest inspiration for me so far – the regions and culture of Scandinavia’s North. I began to dream of fjords, glaciers, cities of elves and mountains where trolls hide.

*   *   *

The time has come to study, that cruel time when every young man has to plot his future. It was a very difficult time in my life – when the search for the right choice was on. I decided to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw on an unobvious for me major which was ceramics, about which I had absolutely no idea – I trusted my intuition. This is where I discovered not only potential but also…love. Soon after graduation, I decided to take my own path.

*   *   *

I decided to create something completely new – something that could combine my inspirations that I was raised on as a child and the experiences that I had lived through all my years of study.

I wanted to create my own world – my own brand that would combine the inspiration of the farthest North, the region where I grew up, but also the world I discovered during my studies in Wroclaw.

I created a brand that changed everything. I discovered a new land!


Like any compass points North. Wherever I am – I always turn to this direction
– drawing inspiration from Scandinavia, North America – nature as well as their culture traditions. Welcome to the world where puffins, reindeer, brown bears sip strong black coffee with Vikings!

Inviting one of my mug to your home, every day you will take a sip of the world, which I want to share with you!


I create in the shadow of the mountains in a modest studio. All works – at each stage, from the begining  I create personally. At the moment my Hobbit-hole full of magic and treats does not receive guests – which will change in the near future. I would like my quiet studio to be open to curious eyes every day, to give joy and inspiration – I dream to explore your stories! I would like to share my knowledge, awaken interest about forgotten art craft.


I would love to build a bond among all those to whom nature and the idea of artistic craftsmanship are especially close.
So if you feel this special magnetism, and your heart beats stronger at the sight of Icelandic horse, grazing deer, you notice the value and beauty of the work of human hands
– you’ve come to the best place!