Ceramics, illustration and photography
– they allow me to express my love for nature.
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welcome our store

Inviting one of my mug to your home, every day you will take a sip of the world, which I want to share with you !!!

About Ceramics
Creation Process
About Me
My story
I create my own wild world like from moss and fern
– from now a part of this world is open to you!
Jira Ceramics & Art
Ceramics and illustration are building interest and trust in all of the parts of the world
– traveling thousands of miles to happily find way to a new home!
Jira Ceramics & Art
Inspired by whispers of nature I create ceramics
that combines new design functionality and handicraft tradition
Jira Ceramics & Art
Working Hours
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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