Hello, if you came here, I am very pleased!
My mission is to popularize knowledge about ceramics which is produced 100% handmade, but also about widely understood artistic craftsmanship.
Keep in mind that the technique, ideas and traditions practiced by artists are different. Let me tell you more about my work, methods and standards.
Discover the behind-the-scenes of creating craftsmanship in my studio located in the shadow of the mountains.
But remember – the farther into the forest you get, you will learn more nuances , more surprises you will discover!
So brew your coffee! I am taking  you on a journey of which I will be your guide. If you have any questions – feel free to contact me!


When I’m creating my ceramics – I prepare it for any challenge. I want it to serve for every day, every occasion and every adventure.
Below you will find the capacity of my mugs – from strong morning black coffee to the huge tea that will warm you after a day of challenges


The ceramics that I create are made by a casting technique from a white clay with the properties of porcelain. This technique is not the easiest to choose, but what is important is that ceramics created in this way is light as porcelain and really durable. At the beginning I make models of vessels, on which I prepare next special plaster forms – their pouring requires particular care and concentration – the time of keeping the clay inside them is very important.

I clean each example of a cast raw vessel by hand, retouch shape and attach the ear, which I previously created using exactly the same technique. The raw vessel now needs time and proper conditions to dry. This process can not be accelerated. At this stage, the ceramics is very fragile because is not subjected to any heat treatment yet.

*  *  *

The second stage is the initial firing called bisque.
The vessel is subjected to a temperature of 900 degrees to obtain the initial hardness of the biscuit. This is called semi-finished biscuit. After cooling down I clean the works from dust.

The third stage is to proceed to decorating and glazing. Depending on the project and needs, I paint the dishes with engobes, underglaze paints and glazes, as well as decorate them with a hand-scratched pattern called sgraffito technique. Each mug, bowl or plate is a unique work of art from the beginning, with original decorative ornaments.
Glazing can be done through various application techniques. Most often, I am using brush or dipping in the vessel into a liquid suspension.

The fourth stage of work is the final high firing.
Glazed dishes go into the kiln and are subjected to a temperature of 1200 degrees. During this firing, my pottery gains full strength, the glaze liquefies and forms a thin smooth of glaze.

Even though the pottery is finished – it requires strict selection. I make sure that the pottery meets my expectations and standards, which I set for my brand.


As a person who run author’s studio, I create my works from beginning to end – personally. Starting with sketches, models, forms, going through each stage of working on ceramics, ending with the selection of finished pieces and finally implementing them in my collection. However, such consistency has its price – I create low volumes of work – in return, you get premium ceramics. Although imperfections are in the nature of handicraft, they make it unique.

Finished pieces are also subject to selection. By making your choice, you can be sure that the vessel, which will soon come into your hands, meets the quality standards of my brand. Each piece as a work of my hands is signed with the author’s mark.


The ceramics you come into possession of is made of strictly selected materials – search and discovery of them is an important part of my work. And all of this to provide you with something not only beautiful, but also durable and safe. I bet on natural resources that do not contain harmful substances, are of natural origin and the process of their creation / sourcing is the least harmful to the environment. When choosing materials, I put my trust in manufacturers who have the appropriate approvals, certificates.

My ceramics, although very similar in nature to porcelain, do not require special care. Thanks to the strictly selected materials, you can enjoy my works for many years, even using a dishwasher without any problems. I want my ceramics to give joy and serve effortlessly.


As every artist, I am happy when my works go out into the world. There is nothing more pleasant than the thought that my work will end up in the hands of someone who finds in it a piece of something that is close to both of us. My works are recognized and trusted by customers from around the world.
Mugs, bowls and plates have been sent to such places as Alaska, England, Iceland, Sweden and Australia.


With every order thoughts are the same.

Huge joy, but also curiosity in what direction my works will go this time. I wonder – what journey this mug will take, what delicacies will appear on this plate, what interior will complete my painting. The fact is one – regardless of the direction of shipment, the buyer of my works puts their trust in me.
The package is packed to you in safely way. Out of care of our planet, I keep the use of plastics to a minimum – I don’t want to generate garbage! I use proven shipping options, so that they are reliable and on time